Our Local Advisory Board

The Pentland Field School Local Advisory Board (LAB) is a group of parents, staff and community representatives who provide advice and support to help Pentland Field School achieve its aims. The LAB is not a legal entity in its own right. Legal accountability for all aspects of the school lies with the Trustees including finance, personnel and premises, and the educational performance of the school.

The LAB is designed to help key stakeholders to get involved in the life of the school and the Trust, contribute to its development and promote the school within the community. Individual members of the LAB can be invited to be part of a Board of Trustees Committee.

Pentland Field School's Local Advisory Board has the following members:

  • Christian Rule - Chair
  • Ivan Talbott - Head of School
  • Angela St John - Board of Trustees & Asset Management Committee, Safeguarding Representative 
  • Devi Radia - Community Member (to engage the community in supporting the school)
  • Carissa Gordon - Staff Member
  • Sonia Lecky - Staff Member
  • Amanda Rigali -  Member
  • Andrew Collier - Member
  • Rashmi Patel - Community Member
  • Nikki Pavitt - Parent Member 
  • Emma Yarnell - Parent Member