Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is integral to our approach at Pentland Field School.

Our first step is always an assessment to ascertain how we can help your child's speech, language and communication to develop.  Assessments:

  • are carried out by a Speech & Language therapist
  • include multi-professional and family input
  • inform all of the work that we do with your child
  • are reviewed and reassessed regularly

We offer meetings to all our parents and carers on a regular basis to give them the opportunity to share information about their child and work collaboratively with them.  During these meetings we can guide parents and carers to the relevant sources of information and services that are best suited for their child's particular needs.

We also produce termly progress reports containing advice on activities to do at home which help consolidate the child's speech, language and communication skills they have been developing in a one to one, group and class sessions at school.

From the very start, at the initial meeting, I have been supported in home and school life.  They (the therapists) have really helped me to cope with my child and understand her language needs in a different way.  They even gave me homework to do with her, so that I can help develop her speech, language and communication just as they do at school.

Parent, Pentland Field School

We have the following support available for both pupils and parents:

  1. Individual meetings to discuss your individual child throughout the term
  2. A Speech and Language Therapist TA working in each class for 4 mornings or afternoons a week, and an additional half a day a week to create resources for each class
  3. Our Speech and Language Therapist is in school Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week

We look forward to developing a partnership with our parents.